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Making the most of Really Simple Syndication

Almost all sufficiently advanced websites these days use RSS – Really Simple Syndication – to keep you notified of the latest information posted on the site.

RSS feeds bring information to you. Instead of waiting for the bi-weekly PDF issue of our newsletter the RSS feed sends you actual short synopses of what we have posted.

Your news reader retrieves the published headlines every minute or two and then displays them to you. If you see something you like, click on it, and your browser goes to the article that you clicked.

A programme on your computer, called an RSS reader, collects the names of all the sites you want to follow. Telling your RSS reader that you want to follow a site is called subscribing – just as if you were subscribing to a magazine.

Periodically, your RSS reader goes out to see whether anything new is in the RSS feed files and then displays the updated information.

Instead of selecting all topics you can choose whether you would receive only messages about topics of interest (e.g. malaria or health research – see below). If you like, you can use the RSS readers built into Internet Explorer or provided as add-on to Firefox or Chrome (e.g. NewsFox or Feedly  or see this List of RSS feed readers/aggregators ).  The topics then show up on a webpage in your browser. By letting sites push data to you, you can save yourself an enormous amount of time and hassle.

If you have a smartphone or a tablet (e.g. iPad) you can install a free RSS reader and receive the messages as well.

For a 3 minutes video “RSS in plain English” see here.

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