Verbal Autopsy Standards: Ascertaining and attributing causes of death

The 2012 WHO verbal autopsy instrument

by Kanitta Bundhamcharoen, Peter Byass, Daniel Chandramohan et al.
World Health Organization, 2012

143 pp. 1.1 MB:

This manual informs users on how to use the 2012 WHO verbal autopsy (VA) instrument. It has been designed to become suitable for routine use. Compared to the 2007 instrument, numbers of conditions and questions have been reduced, based on evidence from the field. The questions have been reformulated to allow for responses with a simple yes or no answer, or a duration in some instances. This approach makes the instrument usable for software that assigns causes of death. The instrument is designed for all age groups, including maternal and perinatal deaths, and also deaths caused by injuries.

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