Serious and Life-Threatening Pregnancy-Related Infections: Opportunities to Reduce the Global Burden

by Courtney A. Gravett, Michael G. Gravett, Emily T. Martin et al.
PLoS Med 9(10): e1001324 (9 October 2012)

7 pp. 340 kB:;jsessionid=B713709C36EE775E89FE73D6D66B52D2?

Pregnancy-related infections are one of the leading causes of maternal mortality worldwide, with the burden falling disproportionately on low- and middle-income countries. Such infections can be categorized into four different syndromes occurring at distinct times during pregnancy: puerperal sepsis, septic abortion, pyelonephritis / urosepsis, and rapidly progressive soft tissue infections. Bundled packages of interventions targeted at these different syndromes should be integrated into antenatal care at two time points: initiation of antenatal care and onset of labour.

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