Finding, Organizing and Using Health Information: A Training Manual for Students, Researchers and Health Workers in Africa

by Grace Ada Ajuwon, Abdulrahmane Anne, Thembani Malapela et al.
Network of African Medical Librarians, 2011

133 pp. 3.5 MB:

The purpose of the manual is to help librarians/information professionals, students, researchers, and health care providers in Africa to find, manage and use health information without reliance on Wikipedia and Google. It is also a useful tool for librarians who have to train their users on how to access and manage information. The manual consists of seven modules. Video clips showing brief presentation of the modules by the authors are available at the NLM U-Tube channel which are accessible via the following links:
Module 1: Information Sources

Module 2: Searching Tools

Module 3: Electronic Information Searching Techniques

Module 4: Intellectual Property Rights

Module 5: Management of Information

Module 6: Evaluation of Information

Module 7: Scholarly Communication Skills

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