The Determinants of HIV Treatment Costs in Resource Limited Settings

by Nicolas A. Menzies, Andres A. Berruti, John M. Blandford
PLoS ONE 7(11): e48726 (7 November 2012)

9 pp. 370 kB:;jsessionid=71854AC549DEC51FC1C86C7EEC9DFD62?

Governments and international donors have partnered to provide free HIV treatment to over 6 million individuals in low and middle-income countries. Understanding the determinants of HIV treatment costs will help improve efficiency and provide greater certainty about future resource needs. As programs gain more evidence about the cost and benefits of different clinical approaches, they will be better positioned to focus on high-impact services and streamline other aspects of care, freeing up resources to support larger patient cohorts. In this way the benefits of improved efficiency will be measured in the number of additional patients who can be enrolled on treatment, and through the resulting impact on HIV patients’ health, their families’ welfare, and the reduction in new HIV infections.

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