Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Sector Status Report – Nepal

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Physical Planning and Works, Water Supply & Sanitation Division, Sector Efficiency Improvement Unit, May 2011

156 pp. 4.9 MB:

Insufficient, fragmented and misdirected investment in the water and sanitation sector has hindered the fight against diarrhoea, leaving it one of Nepal’s leading child killers despite hundreds of millions of dollars having been invested. A recent self-assessment by the WASH sector in Nepal, including both governmental and non-governmental groups, blamed insufficient funding, as well as inefficient spending. In order to achieve its targets of universal toilet coverage by 2017 and basic water and sanitation services for all, Nepal will need to double its current annual investment in the sector from US$ 43 million to some US$ 85 million, concluded the assessment.


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