Febrile illness management in children under five years of age: a qualitative pilot study on primary health care workers’ practices in Zanzibar

by Kimberly Baltzell, Kristina Elfving, Deler Shakely et al.
Malaria Journal 2013, 12:37 (28 January 2013)

19 pp. 162 kB:

In Zanzibar, malaria prevalence dropped substantially in the last decade and presently most febrile patients seen in primary health care facilities  test negative for malaria. The availability of rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) allows rural health workers to reliably rule out malaria in fever patients. However, additional diagnostic tools to identify alternative fever causes are scarce, often leaving RDT-negative patients without a clear diagnosis and management plan. This pilot study aimed to explore health workers’ practices with febrile children and identify factors influencing their diagnostic and management decisions in non-malarial fever patients.

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