Mapping synergy and antagony in North-South partnerships for health: a case study of the Tanzanian women’s NGO KIWAKKUKI

by J. Hope Corbin, Maurice B. Mittelmark and Gro Th. Lie
Health Promot. Int. (2013) 28 (1): 51-60

10 pp. 123 kB:

North-South partnerships for health aim to link resources, expertise and local knowledge to create synergy. The literature on such partnerships presents an optimistic view of the promise of partnership on one hand, contrasted by pessimistic depictions of practice on the other. This case study examined the experience of the Tanzanian women’s NGO, KIWAKKUKI, based on its long history of partnerships with Northern organizations, all addressing HIV/AIDS in the Kilimanjaro region. The study highlights the importance of acknowledging and reporting on both positive and negative processes to maximize learning in North-South partnerships.

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