Toolkit on How to protect and Promote the Nutrition of Mothers and Children in Latin America and the Caribbean

by Marie Chantal Messier, Christine Macdonald, Susan Shulman et al.
The World Bank – Human Development – Health, Nutrition & Population, January 2013

Access the toolkit at:,,contentMDK:23342299~pagePK:34004173~piPK:34003707~theSitePK:4160378,00.html

The aim of this toolkit is to inform changes in countries’ policies and practices and to guide their attempts to deal with persistently high prevalence rates of malnutrition among their poorest, least educated, and indigenous populations. In a single-source compilation, it offers clear guidance on cost-efficient interventions to assist countries in safeguarding the nutritional status of mothers and children during times of stability, crisis, and emergency.

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