Nitrogen-14 Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Spectroscopy: A Promising Analytical Methodology for Medicines Authentication and Counterfeit Antimalarial Analysis

by Jamie Barras, Darragh Murnane, Kaspar Althoefer et al.
Anal. Chem., Publication Date (Web): February 5, 2013

8 pp. 345 kB:

In the developing world, drug counterfeiters produce and sell antimalarial drugs that come in the same packaging as and look like drugs made by pharmaceutical companies. But these fake pills may contain too low a dose of the active compounds or lack them completely. A spectroscopic technique can spot counterfeit drugs with improper amounts of active ingredient even when the pills are still in their packaging. A selling point for the method is that the radio waves can penetrate paper and cardboard, so an inspector or doctor wouldn’t have to break open a drug’s packaging to analyze it.

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