Understanding and Responding to Pharmaceutical Promotion: A Practical Guide

Editors: Barbara Mintzes, Dee Mangin, Lisa Hayes
World Health Organization / Health Action International, 2010

180 pp. 19.5 MB(!):

Originally published in 2009, this manual is intended for use by medicine, pharmacy, nursing and other health discipline instructors and students at universities around the globe. It includes actual examples of pharmaceutical marketing, like:

  • common marketing techniques used by the pharmaceutical industry;
  • the negative influence that pharmaceutical promotion has been found to have on prescribing and dispensing decisions;
  • skills to critically assess pharmaceutical promotion; and
  • alternative sources of unbiased, independent and better quality information about medicines.

The manual is also available in French, Spanish and Russian. These versions can be downloaded free-of-charge from http://www.haiglobal.org

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