Have we improved use of medicines in developing and transitional countries and do we know how to? Two decades of evidence

by K. A. Holloway, V. Ivanovska, A. K. Wagner et al.
Tropical Medicine & International Health – Article first published online: 7 May 2013

9 pp. 234 kB:

To assess progress on medicines use in low- and middle-income countries over the last 20 years in a systematic way, WHO supported the creation of a database of all studies of primary care medicines use in developing and transitional countries reporting on any of a defined set of medicines use indicators. The objective of the current study was to undertake a more in-depth analysis of studies over a longer period of time from the updated WHO Medicines Use Database for 1990–2009 on patterns of medicines use and effects of interventions to improve medicines use in developing and transitional countries. The authors conclude that inappropriate medicine use remains a serious global problem.

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