Cost-effectiveness analyses of training: a manager’s guide

by Gabrielle O¿Malley, Elliot Marseille and Marcia R Weaver
Human Resources for Health 2013, 11:20 (20 May 2013)

17 pp. 159 kB:

The evidence on the cost and cost-effectiveness of global training programs is sparse. This manager’s guide to cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) is for professionals who want to recognize and support high quality CEA. It focuses on CEA of training in the context of program implementation or rapid program expansion. Cost analysis provides cost per output and CEA provides cost per outcome. The distinction between these two analyses is essential for making good decisions about value. Considering the life of an investment in training, evaluations are needed on how many trainees apply the skills taught, how long trainees continue to apply them, and how long the content of the training conforms to national or international guidelines.

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