World Bank – IMF Watch 2013

Tracking Ireland’s Policies at the World Bank and International Monetary Fund Toward the Global South

by Nessa Ní Chasaide, Morína O’ Neill and Poilín Brennan
Debt and Development Coalition Ireland (DDCI), May 2013

16 pp. 3.6 MB:

Are the World Bank and IMF working for the people or for big finance? This year’s World Bank – IMF Watch focuses on a number of areas where the international financial institutions (IFIs) are sadly hurting the lives of people in the Global South. As Europe grabs the attention on debt issues, the continued debt distress of Southern nations has fallen off the international agenda. This edition of World Bank IMF Watch shows how unsustainable and often illegitimate debts continue to be repaid by Southern nations. The report outlines a set of recommendations for action on specific issues.

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