Strengthening health systems for treating tobacco dependence in primary care

World Health Organization, Prevention of Noncommunicable Diseases, 2013

Part I: Training for policy-makers: developing and implementing health systems policy to improve the delivery of brief tobacco interventions

Part II: Training for primary care service managers: planning and implementing system changes to support the delivery of brief tobacco interventions

Part III: Training for primary care providers: brief tobacco interventions

Part IV: Training for future trainers: applying adult education skills to training

Using existing resources and infrastructures as much as possible to ensure that tobacco users receive at least brief advice has been recommended as one of the first steps towards developing a comprehensive tobacco dependence treatment system. In this way, Parties can develop their tobacco dependence treatment system as rapidly as possible and at as low a cost as possible. The overall goal of this training package is to provide a technical resource to assist countries to integrate brief tobacco interventions (brief advice) into primary care.

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