Childhood Obesity in Developing Countries: Epidemiology, Determinants, and Prevention

by Nidhi Gupta, Kashish Goel, Priyali Shah et al.
Endocrine Reviews February 1, 2012, Vol. 33, No. 1, pp. 48-70

23 pp. 1.1 MB:

Rapidly changing dietary practices and a sedentary lifestyle have led recently to increasing prevalence of childhood obesity (5-19 yrs.) in developing countries. Important determinants of childhood obesity include high socioeconomic status, residence in metropolitan cities, female gender, unawareness and false beliefs about nutrition, marketing by transnational food companies, increasing academic stress, and poor facilities for physical activity. The authors argue that therapeutic lifestyle changes and maintenance of regular physical activity through parental initiative and social support interventions are the most important strategies in managing childhood obesity.

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