Feasibility and acceptability of HIV screening through the use of rapid tests by general practitioners in a Brussels area with a substantial African community

by A-F Gennotte, P Semaille, C Ellis et al.
HIV Medicine, Vol. 14, Issue Suppl. S3, pp. 57–60, October 2013
Special Issue: Outcomes of the HIV in Europe 2012 Copenhagen Conference

4 pp. 117 kB:

The aim of the study was to assess whether HIV screening with rapid testing in neighbourhoods with a significant African community was feasible and acceptable to both general practitioners (GPs) and patients, and to determine the number of new HIV infections diagnosed among tested patients. The authors conclude that both the standard and rapid tests were well received by patients but were usually not offered. It remains difficult even for trained doctors to overcome individual time constraints and to implement public health strategies dubbed ‘test and treat’.

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