A Total Market Approach for Male Condoms – Botswana

Market for Male Condoms in Six African Countries

by S.C.Pallin, D. Meekers, O. Lupu et al.
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and Population Services International (PSI), November 2013

24 pp. 7.5 MB:

The other case 5 case studies can be found at: http://psi.org/total-market-approach

Total Market Approach (TMA) is a system in which all sectors – public, socially marketed, and commercial – work together to deliver health choices for all population segments. The case studies describe the market for male condoms in each of the six African countries, and the roles of the public, social marketing, and commercial sectors in those markets. They illustrate the universe of need for condoms, levels of use, socioeconomic equity among users, and the market presence of condoms for reproductive health and HIV prevention (dual protection). They also propose a set of recommendations for improving the effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of condom markets.

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