Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases at the Workplace in Tanzania

by Mwele Malecela and Mary Mayige
African Newsletter On Occupational Health And Safety 23 (2):41-43, August 2013
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, 2013

3 pp. 1.4 MB:

The occupational health law in Tanzania stipulates that each employee undergo a medical examination at enrolment. This could be expanded to include periodic examinations. Employers should push insurance companies to cover such examinations. Other options that could be useful are noted as the HIV committees already in place at workplaces. These structures could be used to also co-ordinate Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) prevention activities at workplaces. Another option could be to promote physical activity at the workplace through sports competitions, designated sports days or sports bonanzas. More advocacy is needed to raise the profile of the burden of NCDs and to bring them to the attention of policy-makers.

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