A new era in the history of cholera: the road to elimination

by David A. Sack
International Journal of Epidemiology, Vol. 42, Issue 6, pp. 1537-1540

4 pp. 67 kB:

The devastating cholera epidemic in Haiti, which has now spread to Cuba and recently to Mexico, dramatically demonstrated how dangerous cholera can be, and this epidemic, so close to North America, has raised cholera’s profile but has also led to a more concerted and coordinated effort to control the disease, not only in Haiti but in Africa and Asia as well. To deal with this global threat in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean, the strategy to control cholera has primarily focused on WASH interventions (improved water, sanitation and hygiene) and ensuring proper case management with hydration and antibiotics. Will vaccines be the answer to preventing and controlling cholera? Is a goal for elimination unrealistic?

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