Every Newborn: A draft action plan to end preventable deaths

World Health Organization, 2014

44 pp. 1.2 MB:

Remarkable progress has been made in recent decades to reduce the number of child deaths worldwide, but neonatal mortality rate declined at a slower pace. Yet a large proportion of newborn deaths are preventable. Currently, 2.9 million babies die within the first month of life accounting for 44% of under-five mortality, and an additional 2.6 million babies are stillborn. In order to reduce child mortality and end preventable deaths, intensified action and guidance are needed to ensure newborn survival. The “Every Newborn: an action plan to end preventable deaths” is a roadmap for change. It sets out a vision and proposes a goal and targets to end newborn deaths from preventable causes. Five guiding principles and five strategic objectives are at the core of the plan.

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