Male Survivors of Sexual Violence in Kampala Demand for Better Services

An excerpt from Men of Hope’s Second Anniversary; a refugee led support group of male survivors of sexual violence in Kampala

Refugee Law Project, School of Law, Makerere University 2014

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“Men of Hope Refugee Association in Uganda” (MOHRAU) is a support group that brings together male refugee survivors of conflict-related sexual violence. The group was established in 2011 due to increasing cases of men and boys presenting challenges resulting from experience of sexual violence. After realizing that the demand for available services far outstrips available resources, “Refugee Law Project” (RLP) saw the need to encourage the formation of refugee led groups. To date, 16 support groups work alongside RLP’s four thematic programmes. The objective of the anniversary was to reflect on key achievements consolidated since the MOHRAU’s establishment, review major challenges facing the Association as well as explore and propose possible ways forward.

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