Acute Malnutrition: An Everyday Emergency

A 10-point Plan for Tackling Acute Malnutrition in Under-Fives

by Ben Hobbs and Anne Bush
Generation Nutrition Campaign, April 2014

32 pp. 1.7 MB: 002_resize

52 million children under five in the world today are suffering from acute malnutrition. The majority of the children affected are found in South and Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. Contrary to popular belief, acute malnutrition (also known as wasting) does not only occur in humanitarian crises, it is most common in apparently stable settings, in countries like India, Kenya and Indonesia. It is time for the international community, national governments, civil society and others to take action on a problem we know how to solve. This report presents a 10-point plan for tackling the issue at both national and international levels. If we act now, we can end child deaths from acute malnutrition.

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