The Millennium Development Goals Report 2014

Editor: Tessa Too-Kong
United Nations, 2014

59 pp. 3.5 MB: 001_resize

This report examines the latest progress towards achieving the MDGs. It reaffirms that the MDGs have made a profound difference in people’s lives. Global poverty has been halved five years ahead of the 2015 timeframe. Ninety per cent of children in developing regions now enjoy primary education, and disparities between boys and girls in enrolment have narrowed. Remarkable gains have also been made in the fight against malaria and tuberculosis, along with improvements in all health indicators. UN Member States are now fully engaged in discussions to define Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which will serve as the core of a universal post-2015 development agenda. The efforts to achieve the MDGs are a critical building block towards establishing a stable foundation for development efforts beyond 2015.

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