Interim Infection Prevention and Control Guidance for Care of Patients with Suspected or Confirmed Filovirus Haemorrhagic Fever in Health-Care Settings, with Focus on Ebola

by Benedetta Allegranzi, Jean Christophe Aze, Sergey Eremin et al.
World Health Organization (WHO), August 2014

24 pp. 4.3 MB: 001_resize

This document provides a summary of infection prevention and control (IPC) measures for those providing direct and non-direct care to patients with suspected or confirmed cases of Filovirus haemorrhagic fever (HF), including Ebola or Marburg haemorrhagic fevers, in health-care facilities (HCFs). The guidance presents the most up to date, evidence based and practical recommendations for health care workers and incorporates visual guides and interestingly instructions on how healthcare facilities can locally produce hand sanitisers using a step by step WHO “recipe” that has been successfully used in many hospitals across Africa – crucial in settings where the infrastructure for hand hygiene generally is severely challenged.

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