The effects of health worker motivation and job satisfaction on turnover intention in Ghana: a cross-sectional study

by Marc Bonenberger, Moses Aikins, Patricia Akweongo et al.
Human Resources for Health 2014, 12:43 (9 August 2014)

24 pp. 119 kB: 002

Motivation and job satisfaction have been identified as key factors for health worker retention and turnover in low- and middle-income countries. District health managers in decentralized health systems usually have a broadened ‘decision space’ that enables them to positively influence health worker motivation and job satisfaction, which in turn impacts on retention and performance at district-level. The findings indicate that effective human resource management practices at district level influence health worker motivation and job satisfaction, thereby reducing the likelihood for turnover. Therefore, it is worth strengthening human resource management skills at district level and supporting district health managers to implement retention strategies.

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