2014 World Population Data Sheet

by Carl Haub and Toshiko Kaneda
Population Reference Bureau (PRB), August 2014

20 pp. 1.9 MB:
http://www.prb.org/pdf14/2014-world-population-data-sheet_eng.pdfPic 001_resize

PRB’s World Population Data Sheet is an annual report on the world’s demographic, health, and environmental progress and challenges. This year’s data sheet provides detailed information on 16 population, health, and environment indicators for more than 200 countries, and has a special focus on “Progress and Challenges”. For three of the indicators – infant mortality, total fertility rate, and life expectancy – data from 1970 and 2013 have been included to show trends over time. The environment indicator – carbon emissions – shows data from 1990 and 2012.

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