Social Protection, Poverty and the Post-2015 Agenda

by Ariel Fiszbein, Ravi Kanbur, Ruslan Yemtsov
The World Bank, Human Development Network, Social Protection and Labor Department, May 2013

46 pp. 1.0 MB:

Defining social protection as a collection of programs that address risk, vulnerability, inequality and poverty through a system of transfers in cash or in kind, this paper argues that social protection needs to be on the post-2015 agenda as a key element of the discourse. It provides an overview of social protection around the world based on the World Bank’s Atlas of Social Protection. Focusing on the goal of ending poverty, the paper estimates that social protection programs are currently preventing 150 million people from falling into poverty. It develops, for discussion, a set of candidate goals, indicators and targets for the acceleration of poverty reduction through social protection.

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