Recent progress in the development of anti-malarial quinolones

by Richard M Beteck, Frans J Smit, Richard K Haynes et al.
Malaria Journal 2014, 13:339 (30 August 2014)

21 pp. 655 kB:

Emerging resistance to the first-line anti-malarial drugs, namely artemisinins in combination with quinolines and arylmethanols, necessitates the urgent development of new anti-malarial drugs to curb the disease. The quinolones remain a promising class of compounds, with some demonstrating strong in vitro activity against malaria parasites. This review presents the progress made in the development of potential anti-malarial quinolones, since 2008. The efficacy of these compounds against both asexual blood stages and other stages of the malaria parasite, the nature of putative targets, and a comparison of these properties with anti-malarial drugs currently in clinical use, are discussed.

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