Harm reduction and knowledge exchange – a qualitative analysis of drug-related Internet discussion forums

by Christophe Soussan and Anette Kjellgren
Harm Reduction Journal 2014, 11:25 (8 September 2014)

14 pp. 73 kB:

Novel psychoactive substances (NPS) are continuously and increasingly appearing on the international drug market. Global Internet forums are a publicly available reality where users anonymously discuss and share information about NPS. The findings of this study showed that the internet discussions were characterized by a social process in which users supported each other and exchanged an extensive and cumulative amount of knowledge about NPS and how to use them safely. Although this publicly available knowledge could entail an increase in drug use, the main characteristics of the discussions in general were a concern for safety and harm reduction, not for recruiting new users. Drug-related Internet forums could be used as a location for drug prevention, as well as a source of information for further research about NPS.

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