The antimicrobial resistance crisis: causes, consequences, and management

by Carolyn Anne Michael, Dale Dominey-Howes and Maurizio Labbate
Frontiers in Public Health, 16 September 2014, Volume 2, Article 145

8 pp. 463 kB: 002

The antimicrobial resistance (AMR) crisis is the increasing global incidence of infectious diseases affecting the human population, which are untreatable with any known antimicrobial agent. This crisis will have a devastating cost on human society as both debilitating and lethal diseases increase in frequency and scope. The authors propose that in addition to current measures and increased research into new antimicrobials and diagnostics, a comprehensive education program will be required to change the public paradigm of antimicrobial usage from that of a first line treatment to that of a last resort when all other therapeutic options have failed.

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