The government of Kenya cash transfer for orphaned and vulnerable children: cross-sectional comparison of household and individual characteristics of those with and without

by David Ayuku, Lonnie Embleton, Julius Koech et al.
BMC International Health and Human Rights 2014, 14:25 (20 September 2014)

23 pp. 105 kB:

The ‘Cash Transfer to Orphans and Vulnerable Children’ (CT-OVC) in Kenya is a government-supported program intended to provide regular and predictable cash transfers (CT) to poor households taking care of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC). The authors conclude that children and adolescents in households receiving the CT-OVC appear to have better nutritional status, school attendance, and optimism about the future, compared to those in households not receiving the CT, in spite of some evidence of continued material deprivation. Consideration should be given to expanding the program further.

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