Introducing infant and young child feeding indicators into national nutrition surveillance systems: lessons from Vietnam

by Nemat Hajeebhoy, Phuong Hong Nguyen, Do Thanh Tran et al.
Maternal & Child Nutrition, Vol. 9, Issue Supplement S2, Article first published online: 18 September 2013

19 pp. 3.7 MB: 003

A comprehensive set of infant and young child feeding (IYCF) indicators for international use was published in 2008. The authors describe the process followed to incorporate these indicators into Vietnam’s National Nutrition Surveillance System (NNSS). Adoption of the IYCF indicators was successful due to strategic timing, a phased approach, buy-in from stakeholders and capacity building at all levels to ensure the quality and use of data. Further revisions to the NNSS (e.g. sampling methodology, quality assurance systems) will be important to ensure the reliability of indicators.

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