Implementing Curricular and Institutional Climate Changes to Improve Health Care for Individuals Who Are LGBT, Gender Nonconforming, or Born with DSD

by Marc A. Nivet, Tiffani St.Cloud, Robert Englander et al.
Association of American Medical Colleges, 2014

314 pp. 5.5 MB: 004_resize

Health care disparities continue to be experienced by people who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT), gender nonconforming, and/or are born with differences in sex development (DSD). To reduce these disparities, all health care providers must learn to address the specific health care needs of these populations, and health care institutions must promote a climate that supports, values, and includes individuals in these populations. This publication is based on solid educational and assessment practices and theories and is intended to change medical school curricula so that future doctors are competent in helping patients who are LGBT, gender nonconforming or born with sex differences in development.

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