Early Essential Newborn Care – Clinical Practice Pocket Guide

by Maria Asuncion Silvestre, Trevor Duke, Uwe Ewald, et al.
World Health Organization, Regional Office for the Western Pacific, 2013

96 pp. 653 kB:
http://iris.wpro.who.int/bitstream/10665.1/10798/3/9789290616856_eng.pdfPic 001_resize

This Guide aims to provide health professionals with a user-friendly, evidence-based protocol to essential newborn care – focusing on the first hours and days of life. The target users are skilled birth attendants including midwives, nurses and doctors, as well as others involved in caring for newborns. This pocket book provides a step-by-step guide to a core package of essential newborn care interventions that can be administered in all health-care settings. It also includes stabilization and referral of sick and preterm newborn infants but intensive care of newborns is outside the scope of this pocket guide.

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