Introducing rapid diagnostic tests for malaria to drug shops in Uganda: a cluster-randomized controlled trial

by Jessica Cohen, Günther Fink, Kathleen Maloney et al.
Bulletin of the World Health Organization, published online 20 January 2015

21 pp. 199 kB:

Drug shop vendors in 67 villages randomly selected for the intervention were offered training in the use of malaria rapid diagnostic tests and – if trained – offered access to such tests at a subsidized price. The availability of rapid tests at local drug shops significantly increased the probability of any febrile illness being tested for malaria and being treated with an antimalarial drug. The authors conclude that in the study area, testing for malaria was increased by training drug shop vendors in the use of rapid tests and providing them access to such tests at a subsidized price. Additional interventions may be needed to achieve a higher coverage of testing and a higher rate of appropriate responses to test results.

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