Cancer Burden and Control in the Western Pacific Region: Challenges and Opportunities

by Cherian Varghese, Marie Clem Carlos and Hai-Rim Shin
Annals of Global Health 2014;80:358-369

12 pp. 804 kB:

Cancer has become a priority public health challenge in the Member States of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Western Pacific Region (WPR). Strengthening cancer registration, tobacco control, and promotion of a healthy diet, as well as Hepatitis B Virus and Human Papilloma Virus vaccination, are the priority areas to reduce cancer burden. Health-system strengthening with a defined package of services at different levels, referral care, trained human resources, and appropriate technology is necessary to improve cancer management. Pain relief and palliative care are priorities as well. A well-planned national cancer control program with a strong component of surveillance and monitoring can help to reduce the cancer burden in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) and Pacific Island countries.

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