The Price of a Pandemic: Counting the cost of MDR-TB

UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Global TB (APPG TB), March 2015

16 pp. 1.0 MB: 003_resize

Multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) represents a clear threat to global health security. The spread of resistant strains coupled with fragile health systems and a lack of new drugs, diagnostics and vaccines to fight the disease are threatening to overturn decades of progress and return us to a pre-antibiotic era. The figures in this report are forecasts: they are not inevitable. The next few years will be critical. If we scale-up of existing interventions and invest in developing new ones we can turn the tide against TB, but if we fail to act, if we let MDR-TB strengthen its hold, we will pay a heavy price, both in human and economic terms, for our inaction.

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