Distribution and Risk Factors for Plasmodium and Helminth Co-infections: A Cross-Sectional Survey among Children in Bagamoyo District, Coastal Region of Tanzania

by Nahya Salim, Stefanie Knopp, Omar Lweno et al.
PLoS Negl Trop Dis 9(4): e0003660 (April 2, 2015)

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There are conflicting findings on potential association between Plasmodium and soil transmitted helminth infections (STH) particularly among children. This study investigated the Plasmodium and helminth co-infections among children aged 2 months to 9 years living in Bagamoyo district, coastal region of Tanzania. The findings suggest that STH and Plasmodium infections tend to occur in the same children, with increasing prevalence of co-infection with age. This calls for an integrated approach such as using mass chemotherapy with dual effect (e.g., ivermectin) coupled with improved housing, sanitation and hygiene for the control of both parasitic infections.

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