Can Reproductive Health Voucher Programs Improve Quality of Postnatal Care? A Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of Kenya’s Safe Motherhood Voucher Scheme

by Claire Watt, Timothy Abuya, Charlotte E. Warren et al.
PLoS ONE 10(4): e0122828 (2 April 2015)

20 pp. 749 kB:

This study tests the group-level causal relationship between the expansion of Kenya’s Safe Motherhood voucher program and changes in quality of postnatal care (PNC) provided at voucher-contracted facilities. Despite improvements in maternal aspects of PNC, the authors find a high proportion of mothers who seek PNC are not being checked by any provider after delivery. Additional strategies will be necessary to standardize provision of packaged postnatal interventions to both mother and newborn. This study addresses an important gap in the existing Reproductive Health (RH) literature by using a strong evaluation design to assess RH voucher program effectiveness on quality improvement.

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