When doctors and nurses are not enough: The need for more qualified social health protection staff for developing Universal Health Coverage

by Martina Pellny, Bart Jacobs, Franziska Fürst et al.
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Discussion Papers on Social Protection No 24, March 2015

11 pp. 343 kB:
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The topic of this paper – the need for more qualified non-clinical social health protection staff – aims to raise awareness for the issue. The authors contribute to the discussion by identifying necessary skills and competencies which are needed to successfully perform specific health systems functions (for example in areas such as economics, financing, law, epidemiology, IT, marketing and sales, actuarial science, accounting). The paper furthermore gives a snapshot into the human resource situation of countries such as Cambodia and Nepal, and finally describes the case of Germany where the profession and training of “social insurance clerk” was established under public law to guarantee the availability of qualified staff tailored to the social system.

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