Use of standardised patients to assess quality of tuberculosis care: a pilot, cross-sectional study

by Jishnu Das, Ada Kwan, Benjamin Daniels et al.
Lancet Infect Dis 2015 – Published Online August 10, 2015

9 pp. 374 kB

The study is the first assessment of quality of care for tuberculosis using the standardised-patient method. The results suggest that this method can be successfully implemented for tuberculosis. The pilot data suggest low adherence of providers to established standards of tuberculosis care in clinical practice despite markedly high levels of knowledge. Previously published data and our results show a big gap between what health-care providers know about tuberculosis, and what they actually do in their clinical practice. Future iterations of the standardised-patient method might help with the design of programmes to control tuberculosis, and monitoring and assessment of indicators for quality of tuberculosis care.

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