“Complicit in Exclusion”: South Africa’s Failure to Guarantee an Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities

by Elin Martínez
Human Rights Watch (HRW), August 2015

119 pp. 1.4 MB
https://www.hrw.org/sites/default/files/report_pdf/southafrica0815_4up_0.pdfPic 004_resize

An estimated 500,000 children with disabilities aren’t enrolled in South Africa’s educational system, according to this report that reflects a worldwide trend in developing countries.  The author questions South Africa’s announcement about achieving the MDG goal of universal primary education and urges the country to admit the truth.  Based on interviews with 70 parents, HRW found that access to education has been hindered by a lack of proper accommodation in school, discriminatory fees and expenses, violence, abuse and neglect in schools, lack of quality education and poor teacher training and awareness.

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