Mobile Technology in Cancer Control for Emerging Health Systems: Digital Divide or Digital Provide?

by Hani Eskandar, Mary-Anne Land, Virginia Arnold et al.
Cancer Control 2015, pp. 65-70

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There is a great deal of excitement around the use of mobile technology to overcome infrastructural limitations across all fields – business, health, education, agriculture and governance. Health in particular has seen numerous applications of smartphones and analogue phones being used to improve health coverage and access to services. The technology has been used to promote health and healthy behaviours, raise awareness of health risks, facilitate early diagnosis, manage treatment and adherence, increase surveillance and data collection, and in general improve health systems management and information sharing. There is however the contrasting view that mobile services and mobile technology solutions are not yet validated sufficiently to merit their use in strengthening or replacing existing public health delivery programmes, and have no standard operating systems.

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