A Call for Incorporating Social Research in the Global Struggle against Snakebite

by José María Gutiérrez, Thierry Burnouf, Robert A. Harrison et al.
PLoS Negl Trop Dis 9(9): e0003960 (17 September 2015)

4 pp. 156 kB
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Snakebite envenoming is predominantly a disease of the poor, with the highest incidence and severity seen in regions facing complex and interrelated social and economic problems. Understanding how this interplay of variables influences both the circumstances leading to snakebite injury and its consequences is crucial to developing successful strategies to mitigate the problem. A comprehensive multidisciplinary approach incorporating social research into the study of snakebite envenoming is needed. Hereby, the authors aim to increase awareness of areas where reinvigorated social research would be highly beneficial.

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