Levels and trends in child malnutrition

UNICEF-WHO-World Bank Group: Joint child malnutrition estimates
Key findings of the 2015 edition

6 pp. 922 kB
http://www.who.int/nutrition/publications/jointchildmalnutrition_2015_estimates.pdfImage 004_resize

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), World Health Organization (WHO) and World Bank Group released updated joint child malnutrition estimates for the 1990 to 2014 period, which represent the most recent global and regional figures after adding 62 new surveys from 57 countries to the joint dataset. This key findings report summarizes the new numbers, main messages and identifies some minor changes in methodology. Additional materials include: (i) the latest country-level joint malnutrition dataset; and, (ii) interactive dashboards, which allow users to visualize and export the global and regional estimates.

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