Global Standards for quality health care services for adolescents

A Guide to Implement a Standards-Driven Approach to Improve the Quality of Health-Care Services for Adolescents

by Subidita Chatterjee and Valentina BaltagPic 001_resize
World Health Organization and UNAIDS, 2015

Volume 1: Standards and criteria
Volume 2: Implementation guide
Volume 3: Tools to conduct quality and coverage measurement surveys to collect data about compliance with the global standards
Volume 4: Scoring sheets for data analysis
Policy brief

Evidence from both high- and low-income countries shows that services for adolescents are highly fragmented, poorly coordinated and uneven in quality. Pockets of excellent practice exist, but, overall, services need significant improvement and should be brought into conformity with existing guidelines. WHO/UNAIDS Global Standards for quality health care services for adolescents aim to assist policy-makers and health service planners in improving the quality of health-care services so that adolescents find it easier to obtain the health services that they need to promote, protect and improve their health and well-being.

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