Determinants of stunting and severe stunting among under-fives in Tanzania: evidence from the 2010 cross-sectional household survey

by Lulu Chirande, Deborah Charwe, Hadijah Mbwana et al.
BMC Pediatrics 2015, 15:165 (21 October 2015)

13 pp. 501 kB

Stunting is one of the main public health problems in Tanzania. It is caused mainly by malnutrition among children aged less than 5 years. Identifying the determinants of stunting and severe stunting among such children would help public health planners to reshape and redesign new interventions to reduce this health hazard. The authors conclude that community-based interventions are needed to reduce the occurrence of stunting and severe stunting in Tanzania. These interventions should target mothers with low levels of education, male children, small- or average-size babies and households with unsafe drinking water.

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