The People That Deliver Initiative: Namibia’s Integrated Actions to Improve the Health Supply Chain Management Workforce

by Rebecca Bailey, Erin Hasselberg, Rachel Deussom et al.
People that Deliver, September 2015

130 pp. 2.9 MB
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An effective supply chain supported by well-trained staff is essential to achieving universal health coverage, family planning goals, and an AIDS-free generation. Shortages of competent and qualified supply chain staff at all levels of the public system, but particularly at the central and regional levels, make health commodity security across Namibia more fragile and diminish access to high-quality health care services. People that Deliver (PtD)-Namibia sought to strengthen all five of the PtD human resources building blocks – that is, stakeholder engagement, optimized policies and plans, workforce development, improved retention and performance, and professionalized Supply Chain Management (SCM) workforce – through five integrated and interrelated activities over a period of 18 months.

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