Old age insurance participation among rural-urban migrants in China

by Qin Min, Yaer Zhuang, Hongyan Liu
Demographic Research, Vol. 33, Article ID: 37, pp. 1047-1066, 13 November 2015

22 pp. 356 kB
http://www.demographic-research.org/volumes/vol33/37/33-37.pdfPic 005

The Chinese government has been introducing reform policies to improve the existing social security system, including the old age insurance schemes for rural-urban migrants. However, there are still challenges in the current system that hinder migrants who move frequently from participating in old age insurance schemes. The objectives of this paper are to describe the current coverage of old age insurance amongst migrant workers and examine the associated individual, household, and geographical factors, and to predict the probability of old age insurance participation among rural-urban migrants by province and relevant migrant characteristics.

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